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Moling is a trench-less tunnelling solution that is used to repair or replace piping underground without disturbing the surface. The mole is a pneumatically-driven machine approximately 60cm x 6cm, that uses pulsed compressed air to repeatedly hammer against the soil to force it's way through. This means the soil around the mole becomes compressed and therefore there is no disruption to the surface.


This technique is useful to both commercial and domestic clients alike and allows us to carry out a number of jobs with minimal disruption. For domestic clients, this might be repairing damaged water pipes or replacing old water pipes that are leaking or providing poor flow/water pressure. For commercial clients and local authorities this might be installation of pipes, ducts and utilities. As there is minimal surface disruption, we eliminate the additional time and expense of needing to reinstate surfaces, which is not the case with excavation methods, which is why we using moling where possible for both domestic and commercial clients


As we offer moling services, we do more than just water! We can mole all utilities including Gas and Electric and any ducting from 25mm up to 63mm, as well as projects ranging from moling cables for your new home office to moling cables for your electric car charger. By using this moling technique we can reduce or eliminate the disruption often caused by digging trenches, so you won't even see where we have been.

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