Water Pressure and Replacement Pipes

If you are suffering from low water pressure and your house was built before 1960 we can help. 


Before 1960 houses were usually built using lead pipes, which corrode over time. At Girling Pipeworks, we are using a state of the art moling technique to non-intrusively replace any lead water pipes with modern MDPE (Medium-density polyethylene) pipes. 


By replacing your old water pipes you will increase the flow of water into your property, which will keep pressure throughout your property. This will not only giving you great water pressure, but also ensure, your water pressure doesn't drop when you're in the shower and someone turns a tap on!


Using trenchless mole technology means that we only need to dig two small holes (which we back fill at the end of the job) and the rest of the work is done underground, thereby leaving without a trace and minimal disruption. You will barely notice where we have been.

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